dinosaur-11-smThe Roynon Museum of Earth Sciences & Paleontology was established in 2000 to educate students, scouts, and the general public in earth sciences, as well as to emphasize the meaning of the sequence of life throughout geological time. We’re located in Escondido, California, and invite you to come visit us. The museum is a plethora of knowledge brought about by way of the thousands of specimens that have been acquired throughout the years bringing into focus the overall picture of paleontology. Mr. and Mrs. Roynon add specimens to the museum each year on their travels throughout the United States.

What's Happening?

Please note that we’re now on Regular Hours.  

Holiday Closures:  The holiday season is upon us!  Here are the days we’ll be closed for holidays from now until the first of 2019:

Thanksgiving and Black Friday (11/23-24), but open Saturday for our normal business hours 10 AM-4 PM

Christmas Day

New Year’s Day


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