Please help! We’re giving a shout out to all our friends and supporters. Our beloved Woolly the Mammoth has met with an accident. While our hearts are broken, Woolly’s cranium, mandible, and one tusk is even worse. We are implementing a fund-raising drive to help repair Woolly. He is one of the favorites of our visitors and the thousands of children that come through the museum each year. We knew it would be expensive to have him repaired and it is just not in our budget. So, he will be taken off display until we can raise the funds to have him fixed.

If you or your children have enjoyed seeing him, would you consider helping us with this effort? We need to raise a minimum of $3000 to get him shipped, repaired and back on display; any amount will help. All donations are tax deductible as we are an Educational 501(c)3, non-profit. Please consider helping us with the project, and thanks for your time.
Available ways to donate are:

  • send a check to: Roynon Museum, 457 East Grand Avenue, Suites 1-3, Escondido, CA 92025
  • call or visit our website to donate by credit card on the “Join/Donate” page of
  • stop on in to drop cash in the designated donation box

Thank you,

The Roynon Museum

dinosaur-11-smThe Roynon Museum of Earth Sciences & Paleontology was established in 2000 to educate students, scouts, and the general public in earth sciences, as well as to emphasize the meaning of the sequence of life throughout geological time. We’re located in Escondido, California, and invite you to come visit us. The museum is a plethora of knowledge brought about by way of the thousands of specimens that have been acquired throughout the years bringing into focus the overall picture of paleontology. Mr. and Mrs. Roynon add specimens to the museum each year on their travels throughout the United States.

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Please note that we’re now on Summer Hours.

We’ll be closed on Wednesday, July 4th, for the Independence Day holiday.  Enjoy your 4th!